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Living a healthier, more energized life is possible. If you’re ready to get that spark back, I am here to help! Through 1-1 coaching, we’ll dive into your specific concerns and develop a personalized, approachable plan to get you feeling better in no time. Areas of focus include:

  • Hormone balancing

  • HPA Axis Dysfunction (aka Adrenal Fatigue)

  • Stabilizing blood sugar

  • Food sensitivities

  • Low energy

  • Belly bloat

  • Elimination diets and cleanses (sugar detox, paleo, low FODMAP)

You'll learn how to meal prep with ease, leaving you with healthy meals you can eat all week. This session will give you the tools to prep effortlessly and a strong foundation you can build on over time.


  • 45 minute call 1-2 weeks prior

  • Shopping list

  • 3 hour in-person session

  • San Francisco Bay Area residents only

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I’ve been working in the corporate world for over a decade and believe that now, more than ever before, people need education so they can bring their best selves to work. I offer corporate workshops focusing on:

  • Women's Wellness

  • Eating For Energy

  • Sugar Detox

  • Live More Weigh Less

  • Meditation

  • And more… Custom workshops to fit your needs


Yoga has been a huge part of my healing journey. Bringing me moments of peace in an otherwise stressful lifestyle, and creating space to clear my thoughts. Private or corporate yoga classes are available.

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