On Cleansing and Intentions

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On a coaching call recently, my coach, Robyn Youkillis asked, “what are your September intentions?”. As I listened to the responses, really inspiring things came through like “deeper connection with friends”, “workout 5 times per week”, and I thought about taking one (or more) of those for myself. And then I remembered that I am cleansing and cleansing is an intention unto itself. It’s hard work. It takes commitment, discipline, and a whole lotta self-care to cleanse.

The truth is that I really like cleansing. Physically, I feel my best when I am not eating sugar, grains, or gluten-free treats. My head is really clear, my skin looks great, and I feel good in my clothes.  I’m also an introvert, so it takes away all the guilt out of staying in and going to bed extra early!

Three Things NOT to do While Cleansing:

  1. Have expectations - It’s going to be challenging at times. You’ll feel good, and you’ll feel like crap from detoxing. You might lose weight, you might not. 

  2. Start something new - I recently coached someone who said they wanted to start working out and eating healthier. We were talking about doing a Whole30 as a reset and I kindly told him that you can do both, but not at the same time. Your expectations of success or perfection will likely cause you to quit because doing both of those things isn’t realistic. Get in the groove of eating healthy, and then start working out once you’re confident and feeling good!

  3. Skimp on sleep - when we’re cleansing, our body is physically repairing itself and we need deep sleep for our cells to regenerate.

Do you have any tips for cleansing? I’d love to hear!

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