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Hi, I'm Eryn!

From the outside, my life looked great. I had my dream job working for a fitness company with amazing people I called friends and living in San Francisco, CA.  I was vegetarian, super fit, and I ran half marathons without training. My social life was full of happy hours and I loved to travel whenever I got the chance.

I was also waking up every day exhausted. Some days, I would sit at my desk slumped over and I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the day.  Everything I ate made me sick, I was majorly “backed up”, and I was waking up at 2am every night with a racing heart hoping I’d be able to fall back to sleep for an hour before getting up for work that day.

One day while driving, I was so tired that I had to pull over because I was afraid I’d wreck my car.  I called my mom in tears because my intuition told me that my diet was the issue, and I was afraid to eat meat again.  This lead me on a journey to health which became my passion and my hobby

Through many practitioners, naturopaths, and coaches, I've been able to get my digestion firing on all cylinders, and my adrenals functioning properly. I wake up with energy each day (it's still confusing sometimes!) and sleep is a huge part of my life!

For years, my friends have come to me with health concerns, questions about food, or just generally curious about what I'm up to with my personal wellness practice.  So, in 2016, I decided it was time to empower other women to feel their best, and I enrolled in the Integrative Institute for Nutrition. 

I believe that we are all unique, that there is no one-size fits all approach, and that true health goes far beyond smoothies and kale.  


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